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Find out how you currently rank on Google, how you can improve, and what your competitors are doing that you aren’t – all in a free, 5 minute video.
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    Video audits will be delivered in 3-5 business days via email!

    Included in Your 5min Video Audit:

    Web Design Suggestions

    Design and copy can play a big role in whether or not site visitors take a next step. I’ll certainly make suggestions where I see room for improvement!

    Current Google Rankings

    I’ll run your site through a leading SEO software and let you know how your site currently ranks on Google, what keywords could use some attention, and where you stand in relation to your top competitors.

    SEO Recommendations

    This is just a quick 3-5 minute video, but I’ll call out two or three of my top recommendations to help you get some more eyeballs on your site (and $ in your pocket).

    Get Your Free Audit
    brooks manley headshot

    Hey, I’m Brooks

    I’m a digital marketing consultant & web designer

    I’ve been helping small businesses grow through SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for eight years. I spent the first six at an award winning agency in South Carolina. After moving to Metairie in 2020, I started my own web design and SEO agency.

    I’m passionate about helping local businesses get more eyes on their brand, acquire quality leads, and grow profitably – and I believe (for most local businesses) SEO is one of the best ways to do all three.